Anna Bromley

is an artist, cultural researcher and writer based in Berlin. Her scenic miniatures connect qualitative social research methods with partly fictionalized re-enactments. Based on typical speech cultures in the markets of culture, science and politics, her delegated performances, context specific installations and essays explore subtle manipulations in speeches and negotiations and their theatrical aspects. Most recently, she received the Clara and Eduard Rosenthal grant and the the Schöppingen Foundation grant for projects, intersecting art and sciences. In 2013 she co-curated the Project IRREGULAR – ECONOMIES OF DEVIATION at the New Foundation of Fine Arts Berlin. Currently, she is involved with artistic and theoretical examinations of humour strategies (Redemption Jokes, 2014/15, with C. Buck, M. Fesca, S.Husse, J. Sotzko; Epistemic Dudes, Hamburg, 2013/16) and norms/counter-norms (Therapeutic Alliances, Hamburg, 2014, with M. Fesca; on the move, Schöppingen, 2014, with L. Milanova, FXPO, Milano, 2015 with M. Fesca, G. Fanizza, A. Anand). 

Michael Fesca

is an artist based in Berlin. The starting point of his self-deprecating performances are over long production times and self provided, seemingly impossible tasks. For him, the phenomena of time, beat and synchronization are of particular interest. In 2013 he was co-curator of IRREGULAR – ECONOMIES OF DEVIATION, as member of the Project-Group at nGbK Berlin. Topic: the virtuoso, the dillettante and the downright nerdy. Format: exhibition, publication “Glossary of inflationary Terms” and Symposium with Heinrich Böll Foundation DOING NERD. Nominated for Istanbul scholarship Berlin in 2014, he published essays in Glossary of inflationary Term : "uncool" and in “What is the future of architecture II" ( Crap is Good Press): "coolness for Trees". Currently, together with Anna Bromley and Britta Peters, he curates the congress “Therapeutic Alliances”, Kampnagel Hamburg, 2014. His theory and artistic practice applies the potentiality of humor strategies (Redemption Jokes, nGbK 2014/15, with C. Buck, A. Bromley, S.Husse, J. Sotzko) and the question of timing and rhythm in his project Abstruse Timed (with Prof. Kai van Eikels, FU Berlin). Lucas Cranach fellow in 2014.

Susanne Husse

is a curator, cultural researcher and author living in Berlin. Since 2012 she works as artistic director for District Kunst- und Kulturförderung in Berlin, a trans-disciplinary think and work space engaging at the thresholds of visual arts and other forms of knowledge production. Her current interest lies in the reflection of the political and cultural heritage of the Cold War period in contemporary art and theory production (e.g. The Forgotten Pioneer Movement with U. Gerhardt, 2014). With L. Sandoval she developed dissident desire as a frame for ongoing research and artistic manifestations on the performativity of precarious bodies related to (bio-)political subjectivity (since 2013).In 2012 she worked with Ute Meta Bauer on the exhibition The Future Archive at n.bk. and she was a visiting lecturer for art in public space at Berlin Weißensee School of Art. She was awarded with the Goethe Institut curatorial research grant for her investigations on collective art production and urban activisim in South Korea (2012). Since 2011 she co-curates the project space NOTE ON which since 2013 operates nomadically (Crampographies, 2014, at KW Berlin). //

Jana Sotzko

is a musician and sound artist from Berlin. She studied German literature, musicology and American cultural studies in Dresden and sound art in Berlin. Her main field of interest and academic research is the correlation of image and sound, for instance in graphic novels or musical notation systems. She has co-curated a number of exhibitions, e.g. Visual Aid (Berlin, 2014, with S. Husse, T. Stroetges) and 37 Manifestos (Berlin, 2011, with S. Husse), exhibited sound installations, e.g. Zombie Fish (Sydney, 2014, with T. Stroetges) and 3 Shells (Chicago, 2012, with E. Flügge). Her musical projects include audiovisual improvisation trio Epiphany Now and post-punk band Petethepiratesquid. The latest musical collaboration was a participation in Polish Artist Zorka Wollny’s Resonance Assembly - composition for factory at Berlin.