Oranienstr. 25, 10999 Berlin, (entrance via 1st yard), Tel: +49 30 61651319


Anna Bromley, Michael Fesca, Susanne Husse, Teena Lange, Jana Sotzko

Live Stream Saturday, March 28, 16.30h, Workshop Christopher Kline:

Pizza Suicide TV LIVE

The dyadic project REDEMPTION JOKES explores aesthetic and artistic grammars in which explicitly critical humour strategies become present. The quick joke, the ready-witted repartee, ironic distance – as omnipresent as they are in the permanent sitcom of our short attention spans, they do have a bad reputation: They prevent us from facing problems and getting serious. But seriousness and emotional turmoil are just the false, incapacitating opposite of a bad joke. This project develops the other, liberating witticism, the irony that makes thought possible in the first place, and laughter that enables action.

The start is made by the Bureau for paradoxical relations. The walkable office landscape by Sol Calero is an open lab for research, exchange and performance inviting people to follow the curatorial and editorial work on the exhibition and publication REDEMPTION JOKES. The project group organises talks, screenings, performances and workshops with artists. Additional dates with the Bureau can be arranged here.